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Wall Painting in Pompeii. di Freccero Agneta - - Studi e Ricerche del Parco Archeologico di Pompei (SRPAP) - N° 37
  Wall Painting in Pompeii.
Wall Painting in Pompeii.
Plaster, Stucco, Paint.
Freccero Agneta

Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-88-913-1653-0
Pages: 164, 100 ill. B/N, 30 ill. Col.
Dimensione PDF: 9 MB

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Product code: DE013238

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Subjects: apollo, erma, pompei, roma,

Review by Francesca Bologna on the Journal of Roman Archaeology vol. 32, 2019

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Abstract Table of contents Authors / Editors
The scope of my study was, firstly, to investigate whether there is a chronological development of plasters in Pompeii and if a correlation between typology and chronology from the Archaic Period and up until the city' s final days can be proved. Secondly, to examine whether there is a correlation between plaster types and the Four Pompeian styles, and whether plaster analyses can be used as a complementary tool for dating decoration layers also when the painting has disappeared. Thirdly, I wanted to examine the quality of the craftsmanship with the aim of understanding whether the quality of the plasters can be linked to individual workshops, to a specific time period or both. This begs the question of whether there is a correlation between the quality of the craftsmanship and the standard and size of the house, based on the assumption that it reflects the social and economic status of the owner.
Plaster layers are at focus, but I believe that studying the intermediate stratum in isolation would be pointless - it has to be considered as one stratum of a decorated wall structure. The building technique and the painting have to be observed too, as both have undergone technical and/or stylistic alterations during the time period in question. Materials from thirty-two buildings of varying standards, such as temples, public buildings, private houses and workshops have been examined, in situ, under the microscope, and by scientific analyses of components.
Preface (M. Osanna)
Section I. Topics relevant to this study
Context and documentation
Sampling and qualitative analyses of samples
Laboratory examinations
Archaeological and stylistic considerations
Wall Painting and the Four Pompeian Styles
Style Zero
The First Style
The Second Style
The Third Style
The Fourth Style
Painters and workshops
Conservation at archaeological sites
Conservation materials
Methodological and practical problems
Plaster groups, phases, and styles
Group 0
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Group E
Group F
Group G
Group H
Group X

Section II. Plaster investigation
Part 1: Insula I 9 and Forum
Insula I 9
Casa del BellImpluvio (I 9,1
Casa di Successus (I 9,3
Casa del Frutteto (I 9,5)
Casa I 9,8
Casa I 9,9-10
Casa di Amarantus (I 9,11-12)
Casa di Cerere (I 9,13)
Insula I 9: Summary
Basilica (VIII 1,1)
Temple of Apollo (VII 7,32)
Temple of Jupiter (VII 8,1)
Edifice of Eumachia (VII 9,1)
Temple of Vespasian (VII 9,2)
Macellum (VII 9,7)
Casa di Pansa (VI 6)
Forum: Summary
Part 2: The early period and relative chronology
Regions VI and VII: Pompei. Progetto Regio VI
Casa delle Amazzoni (VI 2,14)
Casa del Granduca Michele (VI 5,5)
Casa del Centauro (VI 9,3-5)
Casa del Marinaio (VII 15,1-2)
Casa di Sallustius (VI 2,4)
Casa I 16,5
Casa V 3,8
Casa di Marcus Lucretius (IX 3,5-24)
Casa e panificio di Papirius Sabinus (IX 3,19-20)
The Temple of Venus (VIII 1,5)
Casa del Torello (V 1,7)
Taberna (V 1,24)

Part 2: Summary [...]
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