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Ceroplastics. The Art of Wax. di - Ballestriero Roberta | Burke Owen | Galassi Francesco Maria - Storia della Medicina (StoMed) - N° 3
  Ceroplastics. The Art of Wax.
Ceroplastics. The Art of Wax.
Singolo vol. prezzo per Istituzioni / Single Vol. Institutional price.
Edited by Ballestriero Roberta e Burke Owen e Galassi Francesco Maria
Year: 2019
ISBN: 978-88-913-1841-1
Binding: Brossura
Pages: 458, 32 ill. B/N, 104 ill. Col.
Size: 17 x 24 cm

Product code: 00013326

Price€ 200,00
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Table of contents Authors / Editors
An International Congress on Wax Modelling Why?
Roberta Ballestriero - From Flesh to Wax. A journey throughout history, science, religion and literature

Wax, Art and Devotion
Konrad Schlegel - Julius von Schlosser and the Collection of Wax Artefacts in the Kunstkammer of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
Marjorie Trusted - German Waxes in the Victoria and Albert Museum: Realism and Emotion
Massimiliano Ghilardi - Antonio Magnani and the invention of corpisanti in ceroplastic
Marco Betti - No mere teaching tools: wax sculpture in Tuscany from the Medici through the early Lorraine dynasties
Gabriela Sánchez Reyes - Forgotten Devotional Objects: A Review of Ceroplastic Reliquaries in Mexico. 17th to 19th Centuries
Veronica Papa - Learning anatomy from statues
Pietro Conte - Waxworks unframed
Sharon Hecker - The Wax that Never Waned: The Lasting Legacies of Degas and Rosso, Pioneers of Wax in Sculpture
Kimberly Johnson - Helpless Bodies and the Anatomy of Our Emptiness: Ceroplasty in Contemporary Art

The Art of Wax Modelling, Artists and Techniques
Eleanor Crook - The Immortality of Wax. The magic of a volatile medium
Rebecca Stevenson - Mutable Objects and Anti-Heroics
Pascale Pollier - The Body in Pieces Artists in the Medical Museum
Marco Antonio Miranda Razo - Restoration and Conservation of Wax Objects: The Experience of a Mexican Craftsman
Alejandro Padilla - The Art of Anaplastology: Anatomical Wax Work in Modern Facial Prosthetics
Maria Teresa Chadwick Irarrazaval - The importance of learning ancient lost wax techniques in the digital era

Anatomical Wax Modelling - Art and Science
Alessandro Riva Francesco Loy - The Collection of Clemente Susini' s anatomical waxes in Cagliari: its historical, scientific, teaching and artistic value
Michael Sticherling - Dermatological moulages at two German university sites similarities and differences
Stefania Lotti - The wax models of the Imperiale e Regio Istituto Tecnico Toscano currently housed at the Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica of Florence: a little - known treasure rooted in the historical Florentine Officina Ceroplastica
Melissa A. Carroll
Modeling Lymphatic Anatomy Dissection, Mercury and Wax
Nicolo` Nicoli Aldini Francesco Maria Galassi - Emanuele Armocida Alessandro Ruggeri - Giuseppe Astorri, wax modeller of the Bologna University, and his preparations on the musculoskeletal apparatus. New investigations on an antique heritage
Karen Koka - Mayo Clinic Wax Models
Maria Carla Garbarino Valentina Cani Lidia Falomo Bernarduzzi - Maria Gabriella Cusella De Angelis Paolo Mazzarello - The Wax Models of the University History Museum: a Composite Heritage Between Past and Present
Michael L. Geiges Sabina Carraro - The Museum of Wax Moulages in Zurich
Fabio Zampieri Giovanni Magno Alberto Zanatta - Ophthalmologic wax models as an educational tool: the case of the Padua collection
Eva Ahrén - Ceroplastics in circulation: Medical models and moulages in early twentieth-century Stockholm
Claudia Corti - The anatomical wax models "created" at the "La Specola" Museum
Francesca Monza Maria Gabriella Cusella Paolo Mazzarello - The Florentine anatomical wax models in the collection of Antonio Scarpa
William G.J. Edwards - The importance of Specimen Collections and Medical Museums
Rumy Hilloowala - Genesis of Florentine "La Specola" Anatomical Waxes: Theory of Irritability and Sensibility?
V. E. Mandrij - Lifelikeness and Botany in late 18th century: the Florence Museum of Natural History' s didactic botanical wax models

Restoration of wax collections, conservation and methodology
Victoria Oakley - Conservation of wax objects at the V&A
Moira Ambrosi Giuseppe Pieraccini Giampaolo Ermini - Monica Galeotti Claudia Corti -The anatomical wax models of the "La Specola" Museum: analysis of the degradation process
Valerie Kaufmann - The Conservation / Restoration of Life-size Wax Figures
Chiara Gabbriellini - Diagnostic, preservation and restoration of some important Italian collections of anatomical, pathological and botanical waxes
Lora Angelova - Adhesives and Consolidants for Wax and Wax-like Materials: A review
Nicola Harrison Efstratia Verveniotou - The Conservation of Insect Wax Models at the Natural History Museum, London
Sabina Carraro Michael L. Geiges - Wax Moulage Restoration at the Museum of Wax Moulages Zurich
Laura Speranza Giambologna Cellini - Zumbo and their works in ceroplastics. The long experience of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence between methodology and experimentation

Congress Programme

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